Our Junior Golf Programs Follow Three Simple Principles:
  • The program must be fun and enjoyable. Golf is a game that is supposed to be fun. Juniors play Golf because they find pleasure in it and not because their parents want them to play.
  • We help Juniors learn to play the game to the best of their ability. We educate them in proper Golf skills, rules, etiquette, basic strategy, and encourage them to practice and play.
  • We contribute to the personal development of each junior. We strive to teach them appropriate social skills, emotional control, and other positive character values.
With this said, we have seen many of our Juniors participate in our Junior programs on an annual basis. Many of our Juniors tend to take up the game competitively and compete in local as well as national tournaments.

For more information on our Junior Golf Programs, please feel free to contact the Golf Pro Shop at 901.853.8058 ext. 10.